There for Business!

The Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce was back for their 4th campaign with Your Chamber Connection and they were ready to make this their best campaign yet.  Learning from their past 3 campaigns, pulling energy & inspiration from their peers, they proved that focus, drive and accountability go a long way!

This fourth campaign exceeded all expectations.  They hit their goals in both membership and dollars, but the real prize was the education.  YCC and the Chamber put on an amazing event that educated and informed an entirely new group of the community and business leaders on what the Chamber does and the benefits that are available to them & the people they called.  Volunteers walked out of the Chamber excited and with an entirely new feeling about their Chamber.

“I’ve used just about every approach to attract and to retain new memberships in my organization that you can imagine.  I’m a four time repeat customer of Your Chamber Connection because I found that very quickly they have enabled me to bring new members, new money and new volunteer leadership blood into my organization!  Remember folks you can’t retain an account until you catch them the first time.” Parker Hardy, CEO

With over 165 new members and over $113,000.00 raised in just 3 short days, this campaign was their best yet and is going to allow the Chamber to be there for the business community!

Congratulations on your success!