Brand & Membership Building!

Building your brand.  Telling your story.  Creating excitement and energy for your Chamber.  Recruiting valuable volunteers and members.  These challenges sit in front of every Chamber, big or small.
Over the past three years the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce in Alabama has been taking large and deliberate steps in building their brand, all the while building their Chamber.  Rick Roden, CEO of the Chamber, acknowledged all of the amazing things their Chamber is doing but knew that he needed someone to come alongside of him and assist in educating the community on the importance of their Chamber and getting them excited about it!
For the second time YCC and the Mountain Lakes Chamber came together to tell their story and grow their membership and it was magical!  In a town of just 15,000, YCC created a megaphone that carried the Chamber’s message far beyond the city limits of Scottsboro.  152 new members and over $42,000.00 was raised in just 3 short days.  This is a message that will continue for months to come and we are excited to see their continued growth.