Community & Membership Building!

Jim Shaw, CEO of the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce had heard the stories of Your Chamber Connection through his peers in the industry, he saw the promotions and e-blasts and when YCC announced there was only one date left for 2019 he decided enough watching it was time to act.
When Jim made the call he knew he had room for growth but needed help shaking things up. Initially, he was interested in growing his membership numbers and hoping for some “noise” to be created about the Chamber in the community.  We believe he received all of that and then some.
Jim had this to say following his celebration party, “It was a tremendously successful week.  We started the week with 550 members and ended the week with over 700 members.  For a community of this size it was impressive, but the biggest thing we did this week was community development.  We put the Chamber’s message out to 100 volunteers about what the Chamber does. They have gone forth and spread this message through the people they do business with in this community and beyond.  We are absolutely thrilled that we engaged YCC.”
Congratulations on your success and we are excited to watch your continued growth!