Live Fast – Rock On – Everybody Joined the South OKC Chamber!

If you want to meet a group of women that get things done, then you need to meet the ladies that run the South OKC Chamber of Commerce. They bring life and excitement to the Chamber and the programs they offer. So naturally it makes sense that they would partner with Your Chamber Connection to bring the energy and education to their membership.

“It took us a little while to commit to this program but I can tell you it was worth doing!  Our members, volunteers, our board – it was amazing watching them get excited and learn more about the Chamber.  We have grown over 35% in the past three days, this is a big deal for us!” Elaine Lyons, CEO.

“I’ve got to see so many volunteers, lots of new faces, tons of new members coming through our door this week.  We will see & hear people talk about this campaign for weeks & months to come.  Advocacy is the one thing that I can’t tell you how to measure but this is HUGE for the community.  Get it, sign it, bring this program to your Chamber your volunteers will love it!” Jamie Crowe, Membership Director.

With over 178 new members and over $75,000.00 raised in just 3 short days, this campaign was the push the Chamber needed to get them over that “hump” they have been stuck on for so long.  Congratulations on your success and we are excited for your  continued growth.