Blount Partnership – Livin’ the Dream!

We thought it was only a dream but again another Chamber showed us how to shatter that glass ceiling that we all limit ourselves with. The Blount Partnership in Maryville, TN completed their 3rd¬†membership campaign with Your Chamber Connection and their results took everyone’s breathe away.
Their past two membership campaigns are nothing to flinch at. Both campaigns raised over $160,000.00 and both recruited close to or over 300 new members – definitely impressive. Each campaign highlighted the strength of their Chamber, their staff, the Board and their volunteers. They immediately took a liking to our program and had full intentions of growing this campaign into one that we would brag about for years, this year was a culmination of that.
We were greeted by cheering squads, teams broke through banners and they bantered back and forth all in hopes of gaining bragging rights as to who would be the Godmother & Godfather of this years membership campaign. That’s right all of this is done for bragging rights and because it is about growing and supporting the local chamber of commerce, no trips, no prizes, just all in good fun.
In this one campaign they had over 260 volunteers show up in support of their campaign, some of them had participated in the past and others were new to the program but all were excited about the Chamber. Together they recruited and upgraded over 396 members and raised over $328,000.00 in just 3 short days; that’s more than their past two membership memberships combined!
Listen to the video below to hear what CEO Bryan Daniels has to say about the impact on the community this program offers them and how they are able to turn these dollars into much larger new capital investments for their Chamber and their community.