Jimmy Cusano
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Jimmy Cusano


Motivational speaker and humorist Jimmy Cusano started working for Your Chamber Connection in 1991. Although he’s become known as the guy in the zoot suit, Jimmy brings more than just New York swagger and a flashy smile to membership events. Jimmy believes that people learn best while they’re being entertained and has developed a unique style of “EnterTrainment” that makes membership events enjoyable and enables them to have a lasting impact on Chamber volunteers and staff. “Building your community and Chamber should be fun,” he says.

With his unending enthusiasm and infectious attitude, Jimmy is able to lead any group into breaking out of its comfort zone to work together and increase engagement. Chambers across the country have come to appreciate Jimmy’s sincerity and adaptability. He’s been called a chameleon for his ability to connect with any group, from small-town USA to big-city Chambers. “I’m real and I tell it like it is,” Jimmy explains.

Although he says, “My job is my life,” Jimmy is also passionate about his family, namely his wife and his two amazing daughters. And, he enjoys working out as it keeps him on his toes and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

After nearly three decades of working with Chambers of Commerce, Jimmy continues to be motivated by volunteers and staff who tell him he’s gotten them excited about their jobs. “I hear wonderful stories from businesspeople across this country,” he shares. “Chambers make a difference in a community, and seeing it unfold is amazing.”

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