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Wendy Jo Cox


Wendy Jo is a helper by nature, seeing YCC helping Chambers every single week drew her to our team. “Finding a company that is a helper was important to me. As a direct sales consultant, I recognize the role that Chambers can play in growing business. With YCC, I will be able to indirectly help business owners and direct sales consultants just like me, and that is incredibly exciting and fulfilling!” She is looking forward to interacting with Chamber staff and volunteers at the events, all the while exploring and experiencing different parts of the country. While she is no stranger to travel, it has been a passion of hers for years exploring many parts of the world. To date her favorite destination has been Ireland.

A few things you may be surprised to learn about Wendy – she has been a sharpshooter, a gym teacher and a ghost! Ok maybe the title of ghost gave it away, she is a lover of theatre – both as an actress and a supporter. She loves Italian food and can watch the movie White Christmas all year long!

“Our Chamber partners are going to love working with Wendy. She has a desire to get to know you and your Chamber all the while helping you through the membership event, which quite frankly can be overwhelming for staff sometimes. Wendy has a welcoming spirit and a smile that is contagious, I know you are going to love her as much as we do!”

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