Story Behind the Zoot Suit

People often stop and stare, give double glances, stop to take a picture or two and will even follow him.  People have mistaken him for an entertainer, showman, and many others long forgotten.  What you may not know is the suit, as it is often referred to, isn’t a gimmick, it is Jimmy.

30 years ago Your Chamber Connection started with Lorraine and an enthusiastic young man.  Jimmy started wearing traditional attire, khakis, button down shirts and ties.  After all this is what you were supposed to wear if you wanted people to work with you, right?!  I’m sure you find this hard to believe but Jimmy found it restricting and almost having a negative impact as he worked to find his groove. Then after a few years he decided he was going to break the traditional mold of business attire and be himself.  While working out in LA, he purchased his first zoot suit.

The change didn’t happen overnight but as Jimmy was “allowed” to be who he was it was similar to Clark Kent becoming Superman.  The suit not only energized him but it became this magnetic force during the campaigns – breaking people out of their comfort zones and letting them know this isn’t going to be your typical campaign.
Today Jimmy has a collection of over 100 suits, spanning all colors of the rainbow, some made of velvet, others covered in sequence.  Animal prints to stripes and everything in between.  Many Chamber CEO’s and staff model in the jackets and a few have even purchased their own in honor of their earth shaking campaigns.

We share this story of the Zoot Suit with you to let you know that when you hire Your Chamber Connection you are not hiring a gimmick but receiving our authentic selves – suit and all.