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Jim Anderson
Springfield, MO
President & CEO

I believe the results of our recent membership event (420 New Members and $201,364.00) are a testimony to not only the strength of our business and professional community , but also its generosity in volunteering valuable time to help ensure the community continues to thrive. The results also indicate a vote of confidence in the regional economy and a general feeling of optimism about what the future holds for business in Springfield, MO.

John Joseph
Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, AL
Event Chair

“Y.C.C. kept its promise – to prepare us to share the Chamber story concisely while making it fun and competitive to ask others to join the Chamber. More “conventional” approaches exist – and they tend to produce mediocre results.   I think the Event was a wise investment of time, energy, and resources.”

Henry Cisneros
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Board Chair

“I think this program is tremendous, it has no flaws in it, it works. Human nature being what it is, this program overcomes the natural reluctance and timidity and slowness to start that are inherent in a membership event and because YCC has a system in place where they insist on every step of it being completed…is just a formula for success. I heartily endorse it, and any community that is serious about increasing its Chamber membership and has the basic raw materials, energized volunteers, can do this! It can be done in any community in America!”

Jackie Arrison
Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, Hot Springs, AR
Vice President, COO

The Membership Event far exceeded my expectations….not only did we get 222 new members, but we gained a group of new volunteers for the chamber and energized our staff and members too! What a great way to bring volunteers and staff together and have such a positive outcome…we had fun, we educated our members, we energized our staff, and oh yea! We got 222 new members too! YCC truly met our expectations! Our Event was a success on all accounts. We are looking forward to the next one already!

Grier Blackwelder
Sumter, SC Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO

We had just about given up on membership campaigns when our Membership VP found Your Chamber Connection. Our volunteers will participate with their concept where they hesitate with other formats. We exceeded our goal and learned of new ways to serve our members and improve our attrition as well. Chamber Connection is the way to go in developing new members for Chambers.

Frank Detillio
Lorain Co., OH Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO

Your Chamber Connection sells success and the Lorain County Chamber bought it. WOW, what a great program. We’ve been looking for a program like this for years. We are looking forward to Lorraine, Jimmy and Ellie coming back in a few years to motivate and grow our membership even higher. They hit a home run …

Diane Probst, CCE
Rockport-Fulton, TX Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO
This is a great event to build morale in your Chamber and not to mention memberships. Good luck to You!
Brad Lacy
Conway, AR Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO

We recently completed our third successful membership event with Your Chamber Connection. There is no better group to use to help grow your membership base. They have a proven model for success. If you follow that system and dedicate your time (as the executive) to the process, you will be successful too. We have raised over $200,000 in revenue and nearly 1,000 new members with our three events. The numbers speak for themselves.

Anita Huberman
Surrey, BC, Board of Trade
President & CEO

Your Chamber Connection worked with the Surrey Board of Trade, the first Canadian organization, to grow our membership – and it was amazing. Our membership over the 3 day event grew by 145 new members. The event surpassed our expectations as it not only helped to grow our membership and our revenue base, but created buzz in our city about the Surrey Board of Trade. The Surrey Board of Trade was very pleased with Your Chamber Connection and their model of membership growth and membership value. We will be having another Membership Event with Your Chamber Connection because I believe in this events ability to keep the Surrey Board of Trade top of mind in our business community.

John Goode
Bloomington, IN

Thank you YCC for helping Bloomington grow to a WORLD CLASS CHAMBER.  As a business owner who serves on several boards, I’m often asked for money and to raise money for worthy causes. When I was asked to put together a team I did so but with some apprehension.  After bringing my captains to the first lunch and meeting Jimmy, we all wondered what we got ourselves into. After attending the first session I was more committed to our chamber and its mission then I have ever been before. Jimmy gave the most eloquent description of the mission of Chambers of Commerce’s that I’ve ever heard. After listening to Jimmy I was more determined than ever to grow our chamber. Since I am asked for money constantly there’s nothing I hate more than asking people and companies for money. Your organization gave us a value to share with other businesses that motivated me to help them. Heck I bought memberships myself for companies I work with to make sure they were able to benefit from our chamber.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you for helping our chamber grow so quickly to become the best in the state and world class.

Dana Macalik
Rockwall, Texas

“We needed help with our membership numbers. A chamber our size and in a community such as ours needed a boost. I turned to YCC and don’t have any regrets. Your Chamber Connection’s marketing/business model provided a solution to help us with this objective. From the introductory meeting with Lorraine to follow-up and specific training meetings with Ellie and Jimmy; summarizing the program and what we could expect in terms of increased membership, revenue and future retention efforts the program “in a box” was simple, fun and easy to execute. And I emphasize the word FUN!

What we appreciated most about working with the YCC team was their ability to keep our focus where it needed to be and deliver the expected results and then some. Thank you for being a true example of knowing what customer service is and making the experience pleasurable for all concerned!   I recommend Your Chamber Connection without reservation.”

Alisha Blain
Olympia, WA
Events Coordiantor

“Working with Your Chamber Connection is a blessing.  Yes, the numbers are great – we are so excited to be able to expand our membership base and  increase our bottom line of membership dollars.  But it is so much more than that.  The Membership Event gave our staff something to collaborate and genuinely work together on to make great things happen – every department is involved.  It is a positive team builder within itself & that is gold for any Chamber, we don’t get many opportunities of a similar caliber.  And the education!  It doesn’t matter how long a staff member has been at the Chamber, we always learn something new from the membership event.  Each staff member of Your Chamber Connection is great to work with & I can’t wait to hire them again!”

Kimberly McGuire
Palestine Area Chamber, TX

“Up until our membership event this week, I haven’t been very involved with the Palestine Chamber activities and I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect in a “membership drive.” I want you to know that I was more than impressed with the level of professionalism, and enthusiasm at the event. I have attended numerous businesses meetings and sales rallies out of town with my company and am accustomed to guest speakers such as the gentleman who was helping run the event. I was so impressed! I sat there feeling encouraged about our towns future, about the leadership you demonstrate, and the potential growth ahead! I could see the amount of time, effort, and planning you and your team had poured into this event. Bringing an outside professional in to run the event for the day, in my opinion, took this event to the next level. I have been a member of the Chamber since I opened my business in 2009 and I’m embarrassed to say, that this is the first time I fully understand and can articulate exactly what it is the Chamber of Commerce actually does for our community! “

Gary Molberg
Amarillo Chamber, TX

“I’ve been in this position for 21 years. Let me tell ya what, this is one of the top events I have ever been involved in. You talk about networking, you talk about fun and bringing a city together—this is what’s its all about. I was truly amazed by this entire event. I can tell you one thing, my only regret being President/CEO for 21 years is not doing this event 20 years ago. This event is phenomenal—I can’t imagine any Chamber not wanting to do this. It brought our community together. We had people running in applications up until the deadline. Not only that we now have 250 new ambassadors out there everyday talking about the Amarillo Chamber, selling the Amarillo Chamber and loving the Amarillo Chamber. I highly encourage it. Jimmy is top notch, the company is top notch, you can’t do better. Do it today and take my advice!”

Mark Young
Jonesboro Regional, AR

“I’m here to tell you what a great experience we had working with Your Chamber Connection. It was our fourth time holding this event. Each time has improved upon the last and I can say the same thing about YCC. Each time we have held this event the process has improved, not that it needed to be improved from the first one but I have to tell ya…the first time I ever did this I was skeptical. But today we are finishing with well over 300 new members and in the $100,000 club. We are excited, it works, the process works, follow the process and you’ll make it happen. I’d also like to mention in addition to the new members, another huge benefit is getting our volunteers in the room. Talking about what is great about our community—it is a great experience for them, they have fun and we improve our quality and resources.”

Brian Bondy
Conroe/Lake Conroe, TX

“In terms of volunteers, in terms of number of members, in terms of dollars, you have got to bring in Your Chamber Connection.  This program brings the community together and that is what this program means, bringing us together for a common goal to make us better!”

John Threadgill
Bartlett Area, TN

“For someone who has been in the Chamber industry for nearly 30 years, I have witnessed more and more the difficulty of sustaining a strong membership base. Gone are the days when businesses believe it be their civic duty to support a local Chamber. In most cases the message has been lost with competing hype that bombards us from ever direction. Yet promoting the community is first and foremost the
mission of every Chamber but often Chambers do a lousy job of promoting themselves. That’s why its important for Chambers to seek the help from professional organizations that know the business and can provide a clear and concise voice on the merits of Chamber Membership. When it comes to boosting your membership Your Chamber Connection is one of those unique organizations that know how to get the job done. They have been doing this for more than 28 years and held over 800 events nationwide. Their team believes in Chambers and they know how to push the right buttons. YCC spreads the Chamber gospel better than anyone I know. If you want to see your
membership grow and grow quickly then give these guys a call. Let them help build your organization because as we Chamber folks know its all about membership!”