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Jessica Bravo, I.O.M.


Jessica Bravo developed a passion for Chambers of Commerce while serving as the Member Services Manager for the Wayne County Chamber in Goldsboro, North Carolina. During her tenure, Wayne County hired Your Chamber Connection twice, enabling Jessica to experience YCC from a Chamber’s perspective. “I LOVED the message, the energy and the impact they made,” she recalls.

Since joining the YCC team in 2010, Jessica has brought a unique perspective to serving the Chamber industry. “After six years of working with a Chamber, I feel that I can easily relate to other Chambers and the issues they face with membership,” she shares. “I am so excited to be part of the YCC family and part of the number one program in the country. Our process not only aids Chambers in fundraising, but in building Chamber awareness across America and beyond.”

From your first contact with Your Chamber Connection, you’ll know Jessica. She’ll work hand in hand with you throughout event preparation and planning, ensuring you’re informed, equipped, comfortable and confident. In true Chamber fashion, Jessica is a Jill of all trades, facilitating membership events, maintaining the company website and coordinating internal operations, calendars and contracts and more!

Jessica thrives on serving Chambers throughout North America. “The people who work for Chambers are some of the strongest individuals you will ever meet. They are creative and dynamic, and have a spirit that isn’t easily broken. It is an honor to work with them and lift them up in their communities, helping others see how amazing they are.”

In her free time, Jessica enjoys traveling with her family and friends, watching the latest movies, all the while cooking (and eating) vegan cuisine. She’s a prolific marathon runner, and the Marine Corp Marathon in Arlington, Virginia holds a special place in her heart.

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