Racing to the Finish Line!

If you don’t know where Norman, Oklahoma is, you’re missing out.  A vibrant & growing community, home to O.U. and to an amazing Chamber of Commerce – some of the finest people you will ever meet.
The Norman Chamber of Commerce first heard about Your Chamber Connection through the success that the Abilene (TX) Chamber had 3 years earlier.  They took a staff excursion to visit the Amarillo (TX) Chamber membership event (2018) to see an event with their own eyes.  They knew then that our membership campaigns were something special and wanted that magic in their town.
Their three day membership campaign was nothing short of magical.  Over 150 volunteers came together to learn more about the Chamber and aid in growing their membership. 305 new members and over $101,000.00 in new dues revenue was brought in!  They are the first Chamber in Oklahoma history to be inducted into the prestigious $100k club – congratulations on your success and for raising the bar for all others who follow!