Peace, Love and Community Baby!

The future of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce has never looked brighter! In Houston NW it is all about Peace, Love and Community Baby!  After their membership campaign with Your Chamber Connection, President Barbara Thomason knows she is leaving the Chamber better than it was when she started over 15 years ago!  Barbara shared, “That was my hope, to leave it in a healthy condition for the next leadership team to take it forward to new and exciting possibilities. Over the last fifteen years, a lot has been accomplished.” We all know there is more to come!

Their three day membership campaign was all about building peace amongst the business community, love for their chamber and the community and of course continuing to build the business community.  Over 100 new members and over $54,000.00 in new dues revenue was brought in, in just three short days!  Congratulations on your growth and best to you Barbara on her new ventures.