Rockin’ the Chamber in Tulare, CA

For the last week in March we found ourselves in Tulare, California located in Central California in the heart of agriculture.  We have been working together for decades.

“Just as important as the money and membership note is the education that comes and the awareness of what a Chamber of Commerce does.  When you bring in Your Chamber Connection you will think that they have been working with your Chamber forever and ever, in our case it is kind of true but I brought them in at another Chamber and it was my first event with them I thought boy they know this Chamber.  What it is, is they know the Chamber industry and they relate that very well to what we are doing with our local Chambers and then they educate your volunteers.  Each event we’ve had over 100 volunteers help us grow the voice of business in the Tulare community.”  Donnette Carter, CEO Tulare Chamber of Commerce.

In the last 18 months the Tulare Chamber has been restructuring and making some changes.  We partnered together and with 2 events we have brought in over 300 new members and well over $100,000.oo in revenue.  What an amazing partnership!  We look forward to your continued growth.