Membership Madness!

The month of March is typically known for March Madness and Mardi Gras two fast paced, highly anticipated, high energy events.  I would like to say that our campaigns are no different than the two – we just sprinkle in some Chamber education along with it.  It only seemed appropriate that one of the greatest Chambers in Louisiana decided to bring us in the month of Mardi Gras.  Not only was their city on fire with excitement so was their Chamber.

For the third time the Alexandria Regional Chamber of Commerce partnered with Your Chamber Connection to excite and educate their Chamber.  In 3 short days, roughly 130 volunteers walked through the doors and were educated on the Chambers story; what they were currently accomplishing for their community and what their vision was for the future.  They were certainly fired up and it showed! 243 new members and over $73,000.00 raised.
Together we have raised over $256,000.00 and recruited more than 875 new members.  What an amazing partnership!  We look forward to your continued growth.