Fulshear-Katy Chamber – Fired Up!

One small business owner working to improve the local economy at a legislative level would struggle to affect a change. Six-hundred local business owners banded together, however, can make a powerful impact.  In that spirit, Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with Your Chamber Connection to host a Membership Campaign.  They focused on educating their community and not only growing their membership base but also their volunteer base.

The Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce is one of the youngest Chamber’s in Texas.  This campaign was a vital part of spreading their message and expanding their reach.  With an already impressive membership of 450 members we set out to tackle this task.

In 3 short days, roughly 100 volunteers walked through the doors and were educated on the Chambers story; what they were currently accomplishing for their community and what their vision was for the future.  They were certainly fired up and it showed 129 new members and over $44,000.00 raised.
Congratulations and cheers to your continued growth!