Baytown (TX) is Booming!

Baytown, TX is indeed a city on the move and a Chamber on the move…upward that is! Just as many other Chambers do – they were stuck in a rut, hosting an in house membership drive year after year. Successful enough but they realized they were no longer progressing, they were just holding an event and
circling the same mountain making little progress.

The Baytown Chamber opted to partner with Your Chamber Connection – it was electrifying, educational, impactful and best of all fun and done!  What benefited the Chamber and their staff the most was the community focus this campaign brings.  It raises an awareness, an excitement and a fervor for the Chamber that only a handful are lucky enough to experience.

In their three day campaign the Chamber was successful in recruiting 197 new members and raising an impressive $82,000.00!  They moved beyond their “normal” and are reaping the rewards.    Congratulations on your success!