Magical Moments in Toledo!

From the first time we met the staff of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce at ACCE in Montreal we knew there was magic in the air and the possibilities were endless.  Three years in the making and it all came together at just the right time.
For years the Toledo Regional Chamber has been conducting their own in house membership drives, although successful they were a lot of work and always left the Chamber wanting more.  The staff heard the stories and saw the results their peers were having with Your Chamber Connection and decided to go all in.  After three months of preparation and holding fast to “trust the model” it all came together.
Volunteers rallied together to show their support of the Toledo Regional Chamber with a promise of a campaign unlike any other they had participated in before. 72 hours later there were 324 new members, over $170,000.00 in the bank and 300 educated and excited Chamber believers on board!


Thank you for your partnership and congratulations on your amazing success & growth!  Welcome to the $100k club!