For The First Time In YCC History!

All of us know that old saying, “Third time’s a charm.”  Well in the case of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce their third time was a charm but their fourth was FANTASTIC!  They partnered with Your Chamber Connection for their fourth membership event and what happened was magical.
The staff walked into this event with new focus, new eyes and with everyone 100% on board and it showed.  They had over 200 volunteers working this event with 171 actually selling memberships – on average they were selling 2 memberships a piece.  This was by far the largest membership event that they have held and it had the most energy out of all 4.  This event proved that with an “all in attitude” anything is possible!


For the first time in YCC history we are welcoming an Arkansas Chamber to our $100k club!  The Jonesboro Regional Chamber shattered all previous records and jumped to the top of the charts in Arkansas and in the Nation.  Recruiting over 362 new members and raising over $107,000.00 in three short days!
Congratulations on your success & your growth!  Welcome to the $100k club!