The Tyler Experience!

It hardly seems that it was only 3 short years ago when the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce recruited 914 new members during our 3 day membership campaign.  While we never expected them to recreate that success story, they wrote another that is just as amazing!

In true Tyler fashion they destroyed all of our statistics.  During the first shift of their membership event they recruited over 178 new members – that happened in 3 hours and by the end of the day they were quickly rounding 300 new members.  Day 2 was just as impressive and each shift raised at least 100 members.   Day 3 kept us on our toes with an extra shift and over 150 new members in the morning.


Memberships were flying through the room, the enthusiasm was almost as high as the silly string and streams of water being shot at one another but it was a perfect mixture because at the end of the day the Tyler Area Chamber welcomed 678 new members and raised over $180,000.00!

Congratulations on your continued growth and thank you for trusting us to be your partner in growth!