Texas City-La Marque Chamber has Power In Numbers!

The fastest growing Chamber in Texas…this week and they are standing strong!
The Texas City – La Marque Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that 274 new members have joined their organization during their first ever membership event with Your Chamber Connection! That’s right – 274! There is power in numbers. After this successful membership drive, the Chamber is a stronger voice for business and is well-positioned to make Texas City and La Marque a more sustainable community where business thrives. 1,000 members strong was once the impossible dream that is now a reality.
How does something like this happen? Teamwork – plain and simple. This is another example of how we are stronger together than any of us are individually. Building a team is difficult, yet when a team is formed, it is at that moment of peak performance, hard work, respect, sharing and a little humor that results never thought possible are achieved. Over 130 volunteers believed in the importance of strengthening the voice of their Chamber and came together as teams with one goal.
This Membership Event was more than generating revenue, it was training, educating and informing their current members, volunteer base and also their new members about what their Chamber can do for their communities and businesses.
274 New Members in three days and over $109,000.00 raised!


Congratulations on your growth!