Salem Area Chamber – It was Beautiful!

Leaders can no longer be comfortable just gravitating to the generation they belong to.  Connecting the dots of talent, unique perspectives and experiences requires all leaders to change their attitude, approach and style to accommodate the needs and seize the opportunities that lie within a broader multigenerational reach.
The Salem Area Chamber has new leadership, a new vision and they aim to accommodate the needs of the business community and all that encompass it.  Your Chamber Connection was a perfect fit to help accommodate these changes.  Nick will admit they were apprehensive at first as many Chambers before them have been but now that it is done with, they are already planning for the next.
“We empowered 150 volunteers to go out and talk about our organization.  A lot of people wonder what is it that the Chamber of Commerce actually does and they know now.  It will have a ripple effect through the entire community.  In addition to that, the way it congealed our team – it empowered us.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve the businesses in our community, this reminded us of that. It was beautiful for us!”  Nick Williams, CEO Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.
Congratulations on your success.  188 new members and over $85,000.00 raised in three days!