Amazing Aftermath in Angleton!

Members Coming Together After Hurricane Harvey.

At the heart of the local economy and the backbone of the nation’s economy, you’ll find a Chamber of Commerce. Celebrating and promoting the diversity and uniqueness of their communities, Chambers of Commerce form the fabric of America. The Greater Angleton Chamber partnered with Your Chamber Connection to build their membership and to create a movement in their community.

Little did they know there was a movement coming…Hurricane Harvey.  The original week of their membership event was when Harvey hit and he held nothing back.  The Chamber decided to postpone their event so they could aid in rebuilding their community.  Here we are months later and the community rallied together for the Chamber.  In just one full day the Chamber was able to recruit 102 members and raise over $32,000.00!
Thank you for being a leader in your community and congratulations on your success!your success!