Decatur-Morgan County, Alabama


The Decatur-Morgan County, Alabama Chamber of Commerce has set the bar high and thrown the gauntlet to all Alabama Chambers.  Another successful three day campaign with over 200 new members and over $81,000.00 raised!  Board members and volunteers had a chance to see what a membership campaign with YCC really does for their Chamber of Commerce and community!

Volunteers learned that this membership campaign excentuates community, it emphasizes togetherness, and is fun.  The volunteers had a great time, the Chamber had great results and all are excited to do it again!  “We just completed our second campaign, twice we’ve done over 200 members in a community of 58,000 people and it is very exciting for us to see the people in the community come together as volunteers because of the leadership of YCC and create an atmosphere of involvement and participation in our Chamber of Commerce.”  John Seymour, CEO.  Congratulations on another fantastic event!