Kingsport, Tennessee – Better and Better


They just get better and better! The Kingsport, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce celebrated their second Membership Event by joining the YCC $100K Club; staff and volunteers could only sing and shout at the results.      

Community leaders pulled together and the energy was radiating from the Chamber.  234 members, $106,000.00 and that’s not even the best part.  The best part is the Chamber had 194 volunteers come together and talk about Kingsport and what the Chamber means to the Kingsport business community, the comradery & the enthusiasm were 5 star.  Chamber CEO Miles Burdine excitedly expressed, “The past three days were amazing, we signed up 234 new members and they want to help move Kingsport forward, bring in more high paying jobs, develop more property, bring more businesses and help the businesses that are here!”   It’s always exciting to see people go to bat for the Chamber!  Congratulations Kingsport!  Keep moving forward!