Uniquely Tyler


For 16 years and after 7 membership events the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce has held several membership events with Your Chamber Connection that leaves their peers in awe of their results.  Tyler has again done something spectacular and left us all wondering what makes Tyler so special?    

433 volunteers showed up to carry Tyler back to the top of the charts and nothing could have prepared anyone for what was about to happen.  Five shifts and all of them produced more than 150 new members, the last shift boasting the most with over 200 new members in 1.5 hours!  Cowbells were ringing, energy and excitement over flowed the room and none of us could quite wrap our minds around what was happening.

By the fourth shift the Chamber blew past their goal of 650 and we kept climbing from there.  By the deadline of 3:27pm on Thursday they had successfully recruited 914 members and raised over $239,000.00!

Congratulations to the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce Staff & Volunteers!