Youngstown, Ohio – Success!


For the first time ever the Regional Chamber hosted a membership event for their Chamber and they chose to work with Your Chamber Connection.  They took their time, researched their options and decided Y.C.C. was the one company that could help take them where they wanted to go.   

Setting a goal of 250 new members in three days was their definition of a success.  When day one kicked off they immediately hit their stride and we all knew they were on their way to the top of Y.C.C. charts.  By day two they blew past their goal of 250 new members and had already raised over $100,000.00; they are now in the record books with 23 other Chambers across the nation that have obtained this status.  Kim Calvert, VP Marketing & Business Services said, “We always thought we were “too good” for this type of program…we were wrong!”  With 359 NEW members and over $141,000.00 raised in three days this is one for the record books!