St. Joseph, MO – Faster Than The Pony Express


St. Joseph, Missouri is full of rich history; one interesting fact is that is was a “jumping off point” for The Pony Express.  The speed and energy that The Pony Express had back in the day didn’t even compare to the energy and vigor that the volunteers brought to the Chamber during their membership event.  

For the first time in over a decade Y.C.C. partnered with the St. Joseph Chamber and brought together over 230 volunteers to educate the community on the important role of the Chamber.  Excitement was packed into the Chamber’s Board Room and we were literally busting at the seams as up to 90 volunteers filled the room at any given time.  CEO Patt Lilly continual repeated, “This program works!”.  The proof is in the numbers with over 205 NEW members and over $67,000.00 in NEW revenue raised.  Congratulations to all!