Winston-Salem, NC – Third Time’s A Charm!


In five years the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce has conducted three membership events with Your Chamber Connection (Y.C.C.), at each they have generated over $100,000.00 in three days.  Because of strong leadership, volunteers who think outside of the box and by partnering with Y.C.C., Winston-Salem has raised a total of $354,268.00 and recruited 860 new members!  That’s money in the bank and that many more businesses educated about the Chamber of Commerce and it’s vision!

This April brought another Winston-Salem event to the record books and reaffirmed their position in the YCC $100K Club.  $130,509.00 in immediate revenue and 309 new members in three days, that’s the most they have ever done in a three day period, proving that the third time is a charm!