Wichita, Kansas Struts its Way To The Top!


You never know what kind of weather you will get when in Kansas.  We have experienced snow storms, intense thunderstorms, threats of large hail and tornado sirens.  None of these things have deterred the volunteers of the Wichita Metro Chamber from coming together and bringing them to the top of our membership event charts.

For the first time in YCC’s history Kansas is represented in YCC’s $100k club!  198 volunteers graced the doors of the Chamber over a three day period.  Bringing a level of excitement that the Chamber staff hasn’t seen in years.  Top leaders across Wichita where shaking things up with fist bumps, chest bumps, pushups and more!  226 new members and over $105,000.00 raised!  

“They brought out the tiger in everyone and made things happen that we couldn’t accomplish internally.”  Greg Klenda, Board Member