Call Centers 25 Years Ago


Membership Event Call Centers were somewhat different when Your Chamber Connection began 25 years ago. Mobile Phones, though in existence since the 1940s, were cumbersome and loud. The technology known as Second Generation, or 2G was newly developed in 1990, but still on the horizon for personal use. For many years prior, Chambers of Commerce would install 10 – 20 temporary land lines for their week long event.


Many times in the rooms you would see multiple phone lines hanging from the ceiling coming to a collective point and plugged into large car batteries that were in the center of the room.  This was not an easy task.  Another obstacle was limited space.  People were often “stuck” where the lines & phones were.  This made is hard to have a large number of volunteers working at one central location.  Today volunteers are able to bring their own sleek, handheld cellular phones with 4G and 5G technology. Not only does this alleviate the stress of setting up the events, but it makes it easier on everyone.  Personal and professional contacts are available at a touch of finger and not carried around in awkward rolodexes.  This has made it possible to include for more than 100 volunteers to participate in the membership event at one time. 

Modern technology has certainly made our job easier. Watch for our Newsletter and visit our website for more on our 25 Years Celebration!