San Antonio Chamber – Top In Texas!


San Antonio, Texas home to a World Champion Basketball team and a World Class Chamber! The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce thought out of the box and brought in Your Chamber Connection to partner with them on a Membership Event. First time out of the block and the event was a success!

In three days and with only 125 volunteers the Chamber shattered the previous held stat champion title of largest grossing membership event in Texas that Tyler has held for more than a decade! They successfully raised $198,986.00 and recruited 215 new members by 3:27pm on Thursday. At the celebration party an additional $2,000.00 was brought in taking their Chamber beyond $200,000.00 raised. The San Antonio Chamber now has the 3rd largest grossing membership event in Your Chamber Connection history and the top grossing event in Texas.

Kevin Dinnin took top honors for the most revenue generated by an individual, bringing in $33,600.00 on his own and Top Cheater went to the Silver Chair, Rad Weaver, who surprised everyone at 3:27pm with over $42,000.00 in sandbagged memberships!

“This program works because what Jimmy is selling is love of country, and what he is selling, I’m buying! He closed the deal!” Louis Barrio, Black Chair.

Welcome to the 100k club and congratulations on a World Class Event!