Jimmy Cusano

Jimmy Cusano - Senior VP and EnterTrainer

Senior VP and EnterTrainer

Jimmy Cusano, motivational speaker and humorist, began his career 27 years ago in fundraising and motivational speaking for small non-profit organizations.

Today, he has sky-rocketed as one of the most unique and gregarious “EnterTrainers” in the business, working with Chambers of Commerce and other membership organizations across the country. With his unending enthusiasm and infectious attitude, he has the ability to inspire any group or organization to break out of the box, have some fun, and approach the world with a completely different perspective.
Since joining Lorraine Deitchman in 1991, Jimmy has led over 800 chambers of commerce, 200,000 volunteers, and is the voice and bounce behind more than $56 million in revenue.
People learn best when they are entertained. A pure bred New Yorker, Jimmy brings badda boom, badda bing to his presentations with his flashy suits and flashier smile. However, don’t let the suit fool you, Jimmy has the ability to blend laugh-out-loud humor with bona fide wisdom that WILL have a lasting impact.
“Good hard work made fun and easy. It’s as if you took motivation and poured it out of a bottle; just awesome!” Jim Lambeth, Tyler (TX) Chamber of Commerce volunteer.