John Goode – Bloomington, IN

Thank you YCC for helping Bloomington grow to a WORLD CLASS CHAMBER.  As a business owner who serves on several boards, I’m often asked for money and to raise money for worthy causes. When I was asked to put together a team I did so but with some apprehension.  After bringing my captains to the first lunch and meeting Jimmy, we all wondered what we got ourselves into. After attending the first session I was more committed to our chamber and its mission then I have ever been before. Jimmy gave the most eloquent description of the mission of Chambers of Commerce’s that I’ve ever heard. After listening to Jimmy I was more determined than ever to grow our chamber. Since I am asked for money constantly there’s nothing I hate more than asking people and companies for money. Your organization gave us a value to share with other businesses that motivated me to help them. Heck I bought memberships myself for companies I work with to make sure they were able to benefit from our chamber.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you for helping our chamber grow so quickly to become the best in the state and world class.

John Goode
Bloomington, IN