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Economic Development is all of our company's first. Economic Development is all of our company's first. This could work in Canada, Mexico, it could work in Australia, Spain, New Zealand; it's a universal message. Your great-grandparents when they came to this country, you know what they did that none of us in this room do now? Your great-grandfather, grandmother would do this to young people, (shake hands) this is your community, this is your town, make a difference. I just have the privilege of presenting the package for people to listen to. Yo! Woof, woof! Then walk away baby. You know anyone can give a speech, anyone can tell you, but it's how it's presented to them. It's the relationship. The coolest thing in the world, if I just met you today, I see you six months down the road and ask how your baby girls doing, you know what that gets you right here. Our secret weapon is definitely Jimmy. Give me a hug man, gimmie a man hug! He was the first person I ever highered, so full of energy and so believing in what a Chamber meant to their community. And it comes across to the volunteers in such a way that they know when they listen to him what that Chamber means to them and what that Chamber means to their community. You love yourself, give yourself a kiss, right here. Get it over with! Jimmy's enthusiasm is contagious. He's a character, but he gets your attention and keeps your attention. My job is to get people out of their comfort zone. My job is to get people to realize they are important people and that leaders lead. And this is something leaders don't like to do but when they come into our environment, they are like it is OUR environment. He was very good at communicating that this was a model that you don't want to deviate from. And if you'll do what you're supposed to do and just follow the plan keep it simple. Then you'll be successful and I think we exhibited that here because we had a great, great success.
Volunteers, Staff and Executives
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