Since 1990, Your Chamber Connection has been committed to serving Chambers of Commerce through innovative programs that grow membership, engage volunteers and raise funds. Our volunteer-driven, staff-administered approach energizes Chambers in ways that are not only effective but enjoyable as well.

Since then, we’ve continually developed as a small, dynamic company, with staff members who are constantly seeking to improve themselves so that they can better serve Chambers in ever-changing environments. As a result, we’re able to serve every Chamber in ways that are relevant and effective in its unique situation. Our programs aren’t one-size-fits-all!

Our Charter

Our mission, vision and philosophy are central to our approach to serving your Chamber of Commerce.


Mission – To empower Chambers of Commerce through education and growth.

Vision – To energize and educate existing Chamber members while recruiting new members through an enthusiastic and entertaining membership development program.

Philosophy – To be a good membership partner that educates your volunteers and works hand in hand with your staff, providing understandable event information and documentation and producing viable volunteer participation information.

What We Do

Membership Events

Volunteers and Chambers alike HATE membership drives. That’s why Your Chamber Connection takes a completely different approach: fast-paced, high-energy, competitive membership events.

We can tell your Chamber’s story like no one else can! We educate your staff, board of directors and volunteers on what a Chamber of Commerce is, its role is in your community and how everyone fits into that puzzle—and we make it enjoyable. As our “Enter-Trainer,” Jimmy Cusano, always says, “There’s nothing wrong with having fun and creating commerce at the same time!”


Leadership Development Programs

Every community is blessed with outstanding leaders. However, many Chambers of Commerce struggle to maintain high-quality leadership. Our Build a Leadership Program identifies and trains the individuals who will guide your community into the future. Utilizing hands-on experience, we equip your leaders through providing information, problem-solving exercises and interactive activities devoted to a specific topic. These programs can focus on areas such as city government, cultural arts, criminal justice, business and economic development, education, health care and social services.

Jimmy Cusano

Motivational speaker and humorist Jimmy Cusano started working for Your Chamber Connection in 1991. Although he’s become known as the guy in the zoot suit, Jimmy brings more than just New York swagger and a flashy smile …

Jessica Bravo, I.O.M.
Senior Vice President

Jessica Bravo developed a passion for Chambers of Commerce while serving as the Member Services Manager for the Wayne County Chamber in Goldsboro, North Carolina. During her tenure…

Mandy Granda
Director of Marketing and Events

Mandy brings over a decade of experience in the event-planning industry to Your Chamber Connection, and has been working in this field since her days as a college undergrad. After graduate school she started…

Lorraine Deitchman, I.O.M.

A graduate of the six-year Institutes for Organization Management program, Lorraine is the heart and soul of Your Chamber Connection. Lorraine began her career in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as…